GtkRxDlg Object REXX Class Documentation

The file gtkrxdlg.cls contains the class definitions for the object interface to GTK+. To use it, just include a ::Requires directive in your Object REXX program.

When using the classes to interface to GTK+, you should only use the methods to manipulate GTK+ widgets. Using the external REXX functions to access the GTK+ library may cause problems in your program, especially in subsequent versions.

The classes and methods for the object interface are documented below.

Table of Contents

AtkObject Class - Accessibility class
GList Class - A singly linked list class
GSList Class - A doubly linked list class
GtkBox Class - Box widget container base class
GtkButton Class - Push button widget class
GtkCheckbutton Class - Check box widget class
GtkCList Class - Columnized list widget class
GtkCombo Class - Combo box widget class
GtkContainer Class - Container base widget class
GtkDialog Class - Dialog widget class
GtkEntry Class - Text Entry widget class
GtkFileSelectionDialog Class - File selection dialog class
GtkFontSelectionDialog Class - Font selection dialog class
GtkFrame Class - Frame container widget class
GtkHBox Class - Horizontal container box widget class
GtkHSeparator Class - Horizontal separator widget class
GtkImage Class - Image file display widget class
GtkLabel Class - Text label widget class
GtkMessageDialog Class - Message dialog class
GtkRadiobutton Class - Radio button widget class
GtkScrolledWindow Class - Scroll bar window container widget class
GtkTextView Class - Text edit/view widget class
GtkVBox Class - Vertical container box widget class
GtkVSeparator Class - Vertical separator widget class
GtkWidget Class - Base widget class

The following is the class heirarchy for all GTK+ widgets.


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