GtkFileSelectionDialog Class

The GtkFileSelectionDialog class is the class for file selection dialogs.

This class subclasses the Object REXX Object class so all of its methods are also available to this class.

The class heirarchy


The methods for the GtkFileSelectionDialog class are documented below.

GtkFileSelectionDialog Method Table of Contents

new - Create and initialize the dialog widget
run - Run the dialog widget

Method: new

This method creates and initializes the dialog widget.


This is a example of how to create a file selection dialog widget.

filter = './*'
title = 'File Selection'
myfiledialog = .GtkFileSelectionDialog~new(filter, title)

Method Parameters

The path/filename filter to use.
(Optional) The title for the dialog.

Method Results

The new GtkFileSelectionDialog object.

Method: run

This method runs the file selection dialog.


This is a example of how to run a file selection dialog.


Method Parameters


Method Results

The path/filename selected or a zero-length string if no slection was made.

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