GtkRxDlg External Functions

The documentation for the GtkRxDlg REXX external functions is limited because the GtkRxDlg class interface is meant to abstract the functions in this library. You should use the class interface to manipulate GTK+ GUI widgets. Do not call the external functions directly. This way if it becomes necessary to modify the external function architecture those changes should not affect the class interface. This will make upgrades and changes to the external function library transparent to your Object REXX applications.

The following are the public functions available to the REXX programmer.

Table of Contents

General Functions

GrxVersion - Return the version of the external function library


Returns the GtkRxDlg module version string.

REXX Function Prototype

version = GrxVersion();
/* version = "1.0.0" */

Function Parameters


Function Results

The version string.

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